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Genie Nano On-Semi Rollout Package
Versatile High Speed GigE-Vision Cameras
Genie Nano-M640 / M640-NIR
640 x 480 @ 848fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 300 Monochrome sensor
Genie Nano-C640
640 x 480 @ 848fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 300 Color sensor
Genie Nano-M800/ M800-NIR
800 x 600 @ 415fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 500 Monochrome sensor
Genie Nano-C800
800 x 600 @ 415fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 500Color sensor
Genie Nano-M1280/ M1280-NIR
1280 x 1024 @ 214fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 1300 Monochrome sensor
Genie Nano-C1280
1280 x 1024 @ 214fps (with TurboDrive*)
Using the On-Semi Python 1300 Color sensor
The Genie Nano series, a member of the Genie camera family, provides a new series of affordable easy to use digital cameras specifically engineered for industrial imaging applications requiring improved network integration.
Genie Nano cameras use the industries’ latest leading sensors such as the Sony Pregius series and the On-Semi Python series of global shutter active pixel-type CMOS image sensors.
Genie Nano cameras combine standard gigabit Ethernet technology (supporting GigE Vision 1.2) with the Teledyne DALSA Trigger-to-Image-Reliability framework to dependably capture and transfer images from the camera to the host PC. Genie Nano cameras are available in a number of models implementing different sensors, image resolutions, and feature sets, either in monochrome or color versions.
GigE with TurboDrive
Genie Nano cameras include TurboDrive™ technology, delivering high speed data transfers exceeding the GigE limit. TurboDrive uses advanced data modeling to boost data transfers up to 2 times faster than standard GigE Vision speeds – with no loss of image quality. These breakthrough rates are achieved using a proprietary, patent pending process that assembles data from the sensor to optimize throughput, simultaneously taking full advantage of both the sensor’s maximum frame rate and the camera’s maximum GigE data transfer speed (up to 115 Mbytes/s). Teledyne DALSA’s TurboDrive increases system dependability and robustness similar to Camera Link throughput on a GigE network.
Compact and versatile with PoE capability
Teledyne DALSA is pleased to introduce our next 9 Genie Nano models spearheaded by the latest sensors from the On-Semi CMOS family that range from VGA to 5.1 Megapixel resolutions.
The first phase of 9 models range from VGA to 1.3M Megapixel, while the second phase of 6 additional models add 2.3M and 5.1M Megapixel resolution sensors (Stay tuned for another SUI in January 2016).
** Assuming 115MB/sec on Intel PRO NIC
The Genie Nano camera series will perform well in applications where the current camera has already gained traction; namely, machine vision, electronics inspection, semiconductor inspection, life sciences, and ITS. In addition, the new Genie Nano camera, with its improved image quality, should capture market share in other general machine vision applications.
The standard models of the Genie Nano series are available for evaluation now.
– Manny Romero (Teledyne Dalsa)

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