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TELEDYNE DALSA RELEASE – Linea8k Linescan Camera

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Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce the release of Linea 8k GigE Vision camera.
The new Linea 8k GigE Vision camera uses Teledyne DALSA’s high sensitivity CMOS sensor with 7.04×7.04 μm pixel size and delivers a maximum line rate of up to 45 kHz with TurboDrive™.
The Linea 8k GigE Vision camera is in full production as of today.

Similar to other Linea GigE Vision models, the Linea 8k GigE Vision camera is packed with advanced features, and delivers superior performance at an unprecedented price point. The Linea 8K GigE Vision is designed to meet and exceed the demanding requirements in many machine vision applications.



Product Specifications

Part no. LA-GM-08k08A-00-R
Sensor type CMOS single line
Resolution 8,192 pixels x 1 lines
Pixel Size 7.04×7.04 μm
Peak responsivity 340 DN/(nj/cm2) @ 1x gain in 12 bit
Max line rate 13 kHz (without TurboDrive™)
Up to 45 kHz (with TurboDrive™)
Bit depth 8 or 12 bit
Gain range 1x to 10x
Data and control GigE Vision
Operating temperature 0~65°C front plate
Power consumption <7.5 W
Lens mount M72x0.75
Dimension 76.0 (W) x 76.0 (H) x 46.7 (D) mm
  • Patent-pending TurboDrive™: Defy the GigE bandwidth limitation, up to 45kHz.
  • Cycling mode: cycle through preset camera parameters, gain, exposure time, I/O outputs and FFC for each line
  • Extended Dynamic Range: camera combines short and long exposure images, outputs image
  • with high contrast in both dark and bright areas, which increases the likelihood of defect detection.
  • Burst Mode: Acquire images at maximum speed and transfer during camera idle times, which improves system throughput.
  • Multiple GPIO Timers and counters
  • User selectable End-of-Line Metadata:
   >Line trigger timestamp
   >I/O status per line
   >Line count
   >Exposure Time
   >And many more options
  • Teledyne DALSA’s high sensitivity CMOS technology
  • High responsivity in visible
  • Enhanced responsivity in UV and NIR
  • Up to four Areas of Interest, for data reduction
  • Multiple Regions of Interest for independent Flat Field Calibration
  • Eight user coefficient sets and FFC calibration sets


  • Sapera LT (version 8.0 or later) software development toolkit which features:
  • CamExpert’s intuitive graphical interface for configuration and setup
  • Sapera LT’s Trigger-To-Image Reliability tool (T2IR) for system monitoring
  • A Beta GigE Vision Driver that supports the TurboDrive feature is currently available as a separate installation upon request; please contact Technical Customer Support for more information.
Sapera LT is a field proven SDK, with over 500,000 installations worldwide.
The latest Sapera SDK and Linea GigE firmware can be found here:


  • Electronic component inspection
  • Recycling sorting
  • Postal sorting
  • Railway inspection
  • Food inspection
  • General web inspection
  • and many more …

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