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A Year in Review

Cmatrox40elebrating 40 years of innovation, this past year has been a busy one for Matrox Imaging. We introduced many value-added products and features—here are some of the highlights:

Matrox SureDotOCR™ – Unique OCR tool for reading dot-matrix text
Matrox MIL CoPilot™ – Prototyping and code generation tool for MIL
Matrox Design Assistant™ – Release 5 of our flowchart-based software
Matrox Iris GTR™ – Next-generation of smart cameras
Matrox Clarity™ UHD – Multi-format multi-input UHD video capture card
Matrox Indio™ – Real-time industrial I/O and communication card

matrox_samRead what Sam Lopez, our sales and marketing director, has to say about Matrox’s 40-year history, milestones, and more in a recent interview with MVPro Magazine.

Matrox SureDotOCR

Matrox-SureDotOCR-698pixA unique, dedicated dot-matrix OCR tool designed for reading challenging dot-matrix text even if it is distorted, rotated or on irregular backgrounds. Watch the Video!

Matrox MIL CoPilot

Tmatrox_milhis enhancement to the Matrox Imaging Library (MIL) provides evaluation, prototyping and user-friendly code generation. Learn more…

Matrox Design Assistant 5

matrox_mdavideoThis update of our flowchart-based integrated development environment introduces features to make vision project development more straightforward than ever. Watch the Video!

Matrox Iris GTR

Matrox-Iris-GTRThis next-generation of smart cameras is a smaller, faster and more cost-effective camera than its predecessor. The new Matrox Iris GTR line is ideal for factory automation solutions. Learn more…

Matrox Clarity UHD

matrox_clarityA single-slot PCIe® frame grabber that provides Mini DisplayPort®, HD-BNC, HDMI® and custom analog DVI connectivity for SD, HD and UHD video sources. Learn more…

Matrox Indio

matrox_indioA high-density industrial I/O and communication PCIe card for vision applications. Matrox Indio provides the capabilities to turn any PC running Matrox vision software into a genuine vision controller. Learn more…



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