Matrox Imaging Product Bulletin

From: Product Management

Date: November 2nd, 2015

Subject: New Version of 4Sight GPm (Ivy Bridge)

A new version of Matrox 4Sight GPM (Ivy Bridge) units (P/N:4GPMC… and 4GPMI…) will be phased in starting at the end of September. These units will features a new motherboard with a different Ethernet controller and a larger FPGA device. An Intel (Gigabit) Ethernet Controller l210 will replace the Intel 82579 Gigabit Ethernet Controller. The larger FPGA device will enable hardware-assisted PROFINET communication through a separate firmware update to follow. A new version of the Windows Embedded Standard 7 (WES7) image (version 2.0 build 1 or higher) will be pre-installed the accommodate the hardware changes. These units will be indentifiable by the following version numbers.

Model Number Version Number
4GPMCM4* 017 or higher
4GPMI3M8* 017 or higher
4GPMI7M8* 017 or higher
4GPMCM4DA* 010 or higher
4GPMI3M8DA* 010 or higher
4GPMI7M8DA* 010 or higher






Users wanting to apply a previous WES7 image( ex.version 1.x) to these new units will need to note the following:

1. Upon the first boot after applying the older WES7 image, the user will be confronted with repeated “Network registry key NOT FOUND” messages from the Matrox 4Sight GP/GPm OSConfiguration tool. The user needs to acknowledge each message by pressing OK in order to continue with the installation.

2. A “Network registry key NOT Found” error will occur when configuring PoE 1,2,3,4 and LAN 1,2 from the Matrox OSConfig utility and the ports cannot be reconfigured.

3. A FPGA firmware update message will appear and operation should be cancelled. (Note that the operation can be stopped if it is already in progress). (Also note that the operation would eventually simply fail and hang there avoid this from occuring at every reboot, users will need t oapply Engineering Fix#537 available at <<>>.

Users wanting to re-install Design Assistan 4 on the new WES7 image (version 2.0 build 1 or higher) will also need to apply Engineering Fix #537 after the Design Assistant installation to avoid the FPGA firmware update error message.

Product Management.


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