Piranha XL 8k and 16k Color TDI cameras

Teledyne DALSA is pleased to announce the release of Piranha XL 8k and 16k Color TDI cameras.

The first color TDI camera in machine vision, Piranha XL Color is based on Teledyne DALSA’s latest CMOS technology. It delivers the best performance for color imaging with high speed, high resolution, high responsivity and low noise. Powered by Teledyne DALSA’s advanced multiline CMOS color TDI technology, the Piranha XL 8k and 16k Color TDI delivers a line rate of up to 70 kHz in full color mode via Camera Link HS.


Piranha XL 8k and 16k Color TDI camera

The Piranha XL Color family uses Teledyne DALSA’s new multi-line CMOS color sensors with 4 rows for each red, green and blue color channel for 12 rows in total. TDI summing technology has demonstrated outstanding sensitivity and signal to noise ratio in high-speed color imaging in light starved conditions

Product Specifications

Part Number PX-HC-
Sensor type Multiline CMOS color TDI
Resolution 8,160×12 pixels
(4 rows per color)
16,352×12 pixels
(4 rows per color)
Pixel size 5×5 μm
25 (R), 22 (G), 21 (B) DN/nj/cm2 @1x gain in 8 bit
See Figure Below
Max line rate  40 kHz  70 kHz  40 kHz  70 kHz
Throughput  979 Mpix/s  1,714 MPix/s  1,962 MPix/s  3,434 MPix/s
Bit depth 8-bit or 10-bit**
Gain 1x~5x
Interface Camera Link HS
Lens mount M58x.75 mm M90x1 mm
Dimensions 97x97x61 mm 97x97x85 mm 97x140x79 mm
Operating temperature 0~60 °C

*will be released later
**Contact us for availability


Multiline CMOS color sensor architecture


Spectral responsivity

Top Features

  • High sensitivity color TDI – Enables high-speed color imaging in light starved
    conditions through TDI summing of 4 rows per color. That’s 4x the responsivity
    compared to a single-line trilinear camera.
  • True RGB colors – Outputs native colors without any interpolation
  • High speed and high resolution – Inspects more in less time when using the maximum
    line rate of 70kHz in full color mode
  • Exposure control – exposure control with a common exposure time for better image
    quality and minimum impact from encoder jitter
  • Smart FFC – A low-pass filter that makes FFC easier without defocusing the lens
  • White balance – White balancing with ease of use
  • Subpixel and parallax correction – Fine tuning to match web speed or angle for best
    image quality
  • CLHS interface – Field proven Camera Link HS interface for highly reliable data
  • Support active optical cable – Able to extend cable length to 100’s of meters with
    fibreoptic cables without using repeaters
PXL mono
PXL mono
PXL Color
PXL Color
Operation down to 0kHz
Row selection
Exposure control
Multiple AOIs
Multiple ROIs
Subpixel correction
Parallax correction
Smart FFC
White balance
Active optical cable


Supported by Sapera™LT (version or higher (includes CamExpert GUI):

 Compliant Standards  Version
 XML camera description file  GenIcam™  SFNC v1.5; GenCP v1.0
 Camera Link HS driver  Camera Link HS™  CLHS v1.10

Sapera LT software development toolkit which features:

  • CamExpert’s intuitive Graphical User Interface for configuration and setup
  • Sapera LT’s Trigger-To-Image Reliability tool (T2IR) for system monitoring

Sapera LT is a field proven SDK with over 500,000 installations worldwide.


  • 100% print inspection
  • Printed circuit board inspection
  • Flat panel display inspection
  • Large format Web inspection
  • General machine vision
  • And many more…

Part Number

Item Part Number Description
PXL Color 8k 40kHz* PX-HC-08k04T-00-R 8k/5um, 40kHz, RGB, CLHS, 8/10 bit**
PXL Color 8k 70kHz PX-HC-08k07T-00-R 8k/5um, 70kHz, RGB, CLHS, 8/10 bit**
PXL Color 16k 40kHz PX-HC-16k04T-00-R 16k/5um, 40kHz, RGB, CLHS, 8/10 bit**
PXL Color 16k 70kHz* PX-HC-16k07T-00-R 16k/5um, 70kHz, RGB, CLHS, 8/10 bit**

*will be released later
**Contact us for availability

For more information & availability, please contact or +65 6748 5517.

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